Preventative Medicine in Dallas

What is preventative medicine?

Preventative medicine is a specialty devoted to promoting human health and well-being by preventing disease, disability, and death.

Preventative medicine strives to protect both individuals and communities. Practitioners of preventative medicine can include primary care physicians, governmental agencies, and individual citizens. Our Dallas preventative medicine practice is a core principle of the physicians and staff at ThriveMD. ThriveMD treats each patient as a whole person to optimize every individual's overall health and sense of well-being. To learn more, schedule your consultation at ThriveMD today, and discover how our dedicated physicians can help you.

The goals and aims of preventative medicine

We're all familiar with the phrase, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’

Certainly, curing patients already suffering from a disease is a sacred and eternal medical mission. But reducing and eliminating disease ultimately also requires pro-active, full-scale, ‘big picture’ prevention measures and strategies. Prevention benefits both individuals and our society itself. Preventative medicine makes sense scientifically, morally, culturally, and even economically. Moreover, it costs much less to prevent illness than it does to attempt to cure it. A key strategy of preventative medicine is to motivate the individual to practice personal prevention measures. That requires ongoing education for physicians, community leaders, and individuals. Ultimately, the idea is to prevent illnesses from developing in the first place before there is a need to treat them. Prevention preserves human life.

Dallas Preventative Medicine specialist Dr. Trovato

Who and what is a preventative medicine physician?

Preventative medicine doctors typically have experience in both clinical patient care and public health initiatives. This enables them to provide both 'hands-on' benefits for individual patients and critical insights into helping to shape public health policies. These doctors may work in a clinic, conduct research, or do a combination of both. In addition, many primary care physicians also practice preventative medicine.

Preventative medicine is practiced in primary care clinics, government agencies, public health departments, corporations, healthcare facilities, and insurance companies. Specialists in preventative medicine are licensed medical doctors or doctors of osteopathy (DO). They possess a wide range of expertise in health care skills, including biostatistics, epidemiology, research, and the treatment of patients in clinical settings. Preventative medicine physicians combine training in medical, social, economic, and behavioral sciences to promote the health of individuals and communities.

How preventative medicine can benefit and protect you

If you have ever been screened for high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes-- and then started treatment before the condition developed-- you have been a successful preventative medicine patient.

Clinically, patients may be counseled to correct unhealthy lifestyle habits. For example, your doctor may recommend that you alter your diet, lose some weight, stop smoking, or reduce your alcohol and drug consumption. Preventative medicine doctors will schedule and provide needed medical screenings, such as colonoscopies and mammograms. They also support healthy pregnancies and safe work environments, screen patients for depression and anxiety, and work in poison control. Urging you to stay up-to-date on needed vaccinations for diseases including COVID-19, influenza, measles, meningitis, polio, pneumonia, and shingles is always a prime goal of preventative medicine. Preventative tools, treatments, and practices can give our bodies the ability to ward off disease.

Preventative medicine at ThriveMD

Prevention is always top-of-mind for the doctors and staff at ThriveMD and is what sets ThriveMD apart from other practices. ThriveMD combines innovative treatments and products with a "personal touch" to create a whole-body approach to healthcare that treats the symptoms of diseases and their causes. Preventative treatments available for men and women at ThriveMD include:

  • Skincare
  • Genetic testing
  • Peptide therapy
  • Hydration therapy
  • Anti-aging programs
  • Sexual health and wellness
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Diagnostic testing and screening
  • Intravenous (IV) vitamin and nutrient therapy
  • Medical weight loss techniques and procedures
  • Safe, effective, and approved nutritional supplements

Patient care at ThriveMD is designed to protect, prevent, restore, refresh and rejuvenate.

Schedule your consultation with ThriveMD today

During your initial consultation for preventative medicine Dallas specialists at ThriveMD will ask you to fill out a comprehensive medical history questionnaire. Recommended lab tests will be available to help shape your personalized treatment plan. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to preventative medicine. ThriveMD doctors and staff will take the time to listen to you and thoroughly answer all of your questions. ThriveMD will rely on a detailed review of your health and personal lifestyle history to design a proactive and customized health care plan just for you. At ThriveMD, we want you to get excited about your health again. Let us help you take back control of your quality of life.

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Long-term studies into longevity are producing powerful new therapies that can drastically reduce the impact aging has on our lives. ThriveMD is at the forefront of a new way of living that uses this exciting science to develop treatments to offset the harmful effects of growing older. Join the ageless movement today with an initial consultation for anti-aging therapy in Dallas at ThriveMD.

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