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Elevate and Support

The physicians and staff at ThriveMD in Dallas, TX, don’t simply treat medical conditions. They serve people.

The goal is always to elevate and support the “whole person” in maximizing all areas of life. Successes are not exclusively measured by pounds on a scale, calibrations on a chart, or physical improvements in the gym. Instead, progress is reflected in gains of confidence, self-image, happiness, human productivity, and feelings of well-being. The doctors at ThriveMD are healthcare coaches who take a “big picture” approach to help you reach your goals. The ThriveMD team believes they are your teammates and partners in your quest to get the most out of your life. They will walk with you. They will celebrate your victories. They will lift you when you’re down and will always tell you the truth. By taking a proactive, whole-body approach to healthcare, your medical partners at ThriveMD will help you navigate your way to the life you desire. They will start by getting to know you as a person. Then, working with you, they will construct and meticulously review your complete medical and lifestyle history to create a “road map” toward optimizing your overall health. Your body is amazingly efficient at healing itself. The cutting-edge regenerative medicine practiced at ThriveMD will stimulate, accelerate and elevate that self-healing process. You are warmly invited to take back control of your quality of life at ThriveMD.

Dallas Testosterone Therapy expert Dr. Trovato

Meet Dr. Trovato

The “ThriveMD Approach” to “whole person” healthcare reflects the vision, commitment, and persistence of Dr. M.J. Trovato. In 2009, Dr. Trovato began designing these innovative and forward-focused human performances and anti-aging strategies. Dr. Trovato combines an extensive research background with “hands-on” clinical experience and expertise. The practice of medicine is not “theoretical” or “abstract” to Dr. Trovato. It is intensely human, personal, and practical.

Dr. Trovato and the other doctors and staff members at ThriveMD will customize an age-management plan just for you, using “every tool in the kit.” That personalized regimen may start with nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments. Beyond that, ThriveMD offers a proprietary blend of compound pharmaceuticals, along with a comprehensive array of non-invasive and surgical procedures aimed at lifting your health and enjoyment of life. Dr. Travato is among the most respected plastic surgeons in the country.

Restore. Optimize. Recover.

ThriveMD is here to help you, Restore, Optimize, Recover.

WE ARE NOT A testosterone replacement clinic offering a one-size-fits-all approach to hormone replacement. Instead, ThriveMD provides a unique approach to hormone replacement therapy for men and women, emphasizing integrated and individualized therapies based on our patients’ unique and individualized needs. Whether it’s energy, weight loss, mental clarity, virility, or if you are looking to just BEST the competition, ThriveMD treatment plans will meet your needs. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most exciting treatment concepts in rejuvenating and restorative medicine. ThriveMD is acknowledged to be the top hormone replacement center in the United States. The ThriveMD approach to anti-aging and performance optimization is simple, safe, and individualized with three goals:

  • Optimize physiologic functions
  • Restore hormone levels to mid-30s
  • Recover & reduce degenerative disease

Long-term studies into longevity are producing powerful new therapies that can drastically reduce the impact aging has on our lives. ThriveMD is at the forefront of a new way of living that uses this exciting science to develop treatments to offset the harmful effects of growing older. Join the ageless movement today with an initial consultation for anti-aging therapy in Dallas at ThriveMD.

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