IV Therapy in Dallas

What is IV Therapy?

Our Dallas IV therapy is a treatment regimen in which vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and even medications are injected directly into your bloodstream to help you feel better and maintain proper body functions.

Because it bypasses your digestive system, IV therapy enables your body to absorb 100 percent of these beneficial ingredients. IV therapy can be a fast, simple, and effective way to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and improve your overall wellness by reducing nutrient deficiencies. In addition, you can customize your IV therapy to address a wide range of physiological needs and concerns. ThriveMD is proud to offer IV therapy in Dallas, as part of its comprehensive array of personalized and forward-focused treatment plans. The physicians and staff at ThriveMD take a pro-active, “whole person” approach to patient wellness. The goal at ThriveMD is always to help you take back control of your quality of life. You’re warmly invited to schedule a consultation for IV therapy in Dallas and Fort Worth and learn how it may boost your health and happiness.

What are the Benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy can often relieve stress, boost energy levels, cleanse toxins and free radicals from your body, boost immunity, and promote healthy skin.

More specifically, IV therapy can reduce the symptoms of asthma, migraines, nausea, chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, allergies, and infections of the sinuses and respiratory tract. Some people use IV therapy to reduce hangover symptoms, ease anxiety, and even accelerate weight loss. Athletes often use IV therapy to recover from taxing workouts and competitions. In hospitals, IV therapy is used to deliver needed nutrients to patients suffering from digestive system diseases such as Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and colon cancer as it bypasses the digestive system.

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Is everyone eligible for IV therapy?

No. Dallas IV Therapy patients must be at least 12 years of age and weigh at least 100 pounds.

How does IV therapy work?

IV therapy uses a needle and a small tube to deliver a liquid mixture of customized ingredients into a vein. During the treatment, you’ll be seated in a comfortable position.

Then, after disinfecting the injection site and performing a short physical exam, your highly-trained Dallas IV Therapy nurse or supervisor will place a needle directly into one of your veins. The IV typically is inserted into your arm but sometimes may be placed elsewhere to ensure maximum nutrient absorption. Once the IV is inserted, the nurse or supervisor will check pump gauges to ensure the delivery rate is correct. During IV Therapy, you can read, watch tv, or browse your phone, but it’s important to remain relatively still so as not to disturb or dislodge your IV catheter. Treatment sessions generally last between 30 minutes and an hour.

Vitamins used in IV therapy are water-soluble, and after delivering their benefits, are excreted through your kidneys into your urine. Since IV drip-therapy was first developed and administered by Dr. John Meyers in the 1970s, the combination and formula of vitamins and minerals most often used in treatment is called a “Meyers Cocktail.”

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IV Therapy Risks & Side Effects

It is possible to receive too much of a specific vitamin or mineral, which can produce side effects and elevate risk. For example, people with kidney disease cannot eliminate excessive vitamin intake quickly or easily. For some people, adding too much potassium too quickly could trigger a heart attack. IV Therapy patients with certain heart or blood pressure disorders can be at risk of fluid overload from the IV infusion. Your treatment may produce some slight bruising and soreness at the injection area. Some patients report feeling flushed and a mild metallic taste in their mouths.

Schedule your Dallas IV Therapy treatment with ThriveMD

The doctors and staff at ThriveMD strive to deliver the best IV Therapy Dallas has to offer and are committed to optimizing the health of all our Fort Worth and Dallas patients. They realize that physical well-being is directly linked to personal happiness and satisfaction and impacts every aspect of a patient’s life. IV therapy may elevate your enjoyment of life. Schedule a consultation at ThriveMD in Dallas, TX, to determine if IV therapy is right for you.

How often should you get IV Therapy?

Recommended frequency of treatment will vary according to your needs. Many patients schedule regular treatment sessions either weekly or monthly.


How quickly you feel the results of an IV therapy session will depend on the symptoms, conditions, and issues you would like to address. In some cases, such as simple acute hydration, you may feel better almost immediately. In other cases, maximizing results may take more time.

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One of the benefits of IV therapy is that it tends to “work” quickly compared to taking medications or simply drinking more water. If you need to feel better fast, IV therapy might be just the ticket. The short-term beneficial effects of IV therapy can last for up to a few days. Regular treatment can help boost your overall and ongoing health.


Costs of IV therapy will vary, depending on the membership you choose at ThriveMD and the type of IV therapy you are seeking. ThriveMD does not accept health insurance for its memberships or treatments. Discuss this thoroughly with your doctor before treatment.

Finding the right provider for your IV therapy

Partnering with the right medical provider is the most important decision you will make in pursuing IV therapy in Dallas and Fort Worth. Communication is the key. Your physician should carefully and thoroughly examine your medical history. Tell the doctor about any health concerns you have, and disclose all medications and supplements you are taking. A well-trained and experienced doctor will often order blood work on patients before customizing their therapeutic IV “cocktails.” The doctors and staff at ThriveMD in Dallas, TX, have earned a reputation as true experts in the field of IV therapy.

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Long-term studies into longevity are producing powerful new therapies that can drastically reduce the impact aging has on our lives. ThriveMD is at the forefront of a new way of living that uses this exciting science to develop treatments to offset the harmful effects of growing older. Join the ageless movement today with an initial consultation for anti-aging therapy in Dallas at ThriveMD.

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