ThriveMD is not a testosterone replacement clinic offering a one-size-fits-all approach to hormone replacement. Thrive offers a unique approach to hormone replacement therapy for men and women with an emphasis on integrated and individualized therapies based on our patients’ unique and individualized needs. Whether it’s energy, weight loss, mental clarity, or virility, Thrive has treatment plans that will meet your needs. Click below for answers to commonly asked questions.


What is the consultation process?

During your consultation, we review your answers to our extensive medical history and symptom questionnaire. You will be educated on the services we offer, how they pertain to your symptoms, and we will answer any questions you may have. Our registered nurse will draw a full hormone panel to determine what is needed to restore hormone levels. After reviewing your lab results, a custom compound of bio-identical hormones may be prescribed based on your goals. Prescriptions are administered depending on your personal needs. Hormone levels will then be monitored on a quarterly basis to ensure optimal levels are maintained.

Is this safe?

While there is no universal view in the medical community, the most recent research suggests that hormone replacement therapy can be beneficial and a good option for many patients.

What are the known side effects?

Rare risks and side effects..

What is the typical cost of therapy?

Thrive specializes in customized therapy specific to the individual needs of our clients. Hormone replacement packages may be paid on a monthly, six month, or yearly basis depending on your needs. Once your lab results are obtained we will review the package option or options that best fit your hormone needs.

Is this covered by insurance?

ThriveMD  does not accept insurance in lieu of payment, however laboratory studies are typically covered. This ensures that the treatment you receive is based exactly on what you need and not what your insurance company will and will not cover.

What are the injection procedures when administering hormone therapy?

Our Registered Nurse will educate you on how to administer them yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Who provides the prescriptions for my plan?

Drug Crafters pharmacy compounds each prescription for each individual.


What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy specific to women?

Among the many benefits are:

  • Weight loss and mild muscle building
  • Positive effect on sexual desire and fantasy, libido, lubrication and level of orgasm
  • Increase in level of optimism and life outlook
  • Enhanced mental function including better memory, mood, cognition and sleep
  • Over 50% decrease in risk of colorectal cancer and 60% decrease in risk of hip fractures
  • Improved bladder function and decreased urinary leakage
  • Reduced irritability and depression

What hormones are typically involved in hormone replacement therapy for women?

The major hormones in women that typically need replacement are testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and sometimes human growth hormone (HGH).

Is hormone replacement therapy just for post-menopausal women?

No, hormone replacement therapy is for any woman experiencing the symptoms associated with age-related hormone decline, such as decreased energy and sex drive. Decreases in hormone levels can occur beginning in your early 30s.

Is testosterone replacement necessary for women?

Depending on your needs, yes. Testosterone is a necessary hormone in women as well as men, and it is critically important to maintaining health.

Will I grow unwanted body hair?

Testosterone mainly plays a role in hair growth during puberty. After puberty it is mainly associated with hair loss.

Will hormone replacement therapy increase my risk of breast cancer?

Most authorities agree that estrogen speeds up the rate at which breast cancer grows once it is there, but doesn’t actually cause it in the first place. This can work to your advantage, allowing you to discover the tumor before it has a chance to metastasize, which explains why women who discover breast cancer while taking hormones have a better prognosis than those who develop it while not taking hormones. Numerous studies now show a better prognosis for women who have had breast cancer and continue to take estrogen. Family history of breast cancer is not a deterrent to estrogen therapy.

Does the type of hormone make a difference?

We use only human bio identical estradiol and bio identical hormone, which are the only types of hormones that should be used in replacement therapy.

Should my estrogen level be monitored while I am undergoing hormone replacement?

Yes, this will be done under physician supervision on a quarterly basis to ensure your levels remain in the normal range.


What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy specific to men?

Among the many benefits are:

  • Weight loss
  • Enhanced energy and stamina
  • Elevated sex drive
  • Improved erections
  • Reduced post-workout recovery time
  • Building of lean muscle
  • Lower body fat
  • Increased cognitive ability and concentration
  • Decreased irritability and depression

When should I start feeling the effects?

While every person is unique, in general we have found that most men begin to feel some improvement, such as increased mental clarity, within the first two weeks. Over the next four to six weeks, you will find your energy, stamina, and zest for life return. Along with these feelings, your sex drive will begin to ramp up—this might include an increase in morning erections, sex dreams, etc. If you are working out, you will notice more energy and shorter recovery time. Remember, testosterone is responsible for building muscle, maintaining muscle mass, energy levels and sexual function, so as your testosterone levels return to normal, all associated symptoms should begin to improve.

What type of injectable testosterone will I be prescribed?

Testosterone Cypionate is commonly prescribed.

How is this different than anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids are administered in an uncontrolled, often illegal manner and at levels many times greater than is necessary. Hormone replacement therapy at ThriveMD is administered in a physician-monitored, controlled environment in a manner that ensures normal-range levels are maintained.

Are you a "Low T" center like I’ve heard about lately?

We are not. ThriveMD is the only wellness center in north Texas founded and directed by a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose primary mission is a comprehensive and individualized approach to anti-aging and performance therapies. We perform thorough blood testing and specialize in customized therapy specific to the individual needs of our clients. Then we monitor hormone levels on a quarterly basis to ensure optimal levels are maintained.

Are there other options for testosterone treatment other than by injection?

Other delivery methods include gels and creams that can be rubbed onto the skin; however, injectable testosterone is the most safe, reliable, and effective.

What is HCG?

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is used to stimulate the testicles to produce and boost the body’s natural production of testosterone. HCG is commonly used in low testosterone therapy to allow the testes to maintain function and size.

What is anastrozole?

Anastrozole is the best anti-estrogen medication on the market today, and is used to control the levels of estrogen in the body. In many cases, anastrozole is prescribed during testosterone therapy to counteract the increase of estrogen levels. Higher estrogen can cause belly fat, breast fat, mood swings and other symptoms. It is important to note that higher levels of estrogen within the body can also cause a decrease of testosterone.

Will testosterone therapy decrease my penis size?

No, a decrease in penis size is a myth that started many decades ago, which probably stemmed from the fact that testosterone can cause the testicles to decrease in size due to the fact that they are not producing testosterone while being supplemented with synthetic testosterone. As part of your therapy at ThriveMD, HCG is administered intermittently to mitigate any decrease in testicle size.